Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Enchanted Gallery is moving to KimCrick.com + artwork now on YouTube and Instagram!

There are a lot of website updates in the work for The Enchanted Gallery, including an entire website redesign. The overhaul progress can be seen at https://www.kimcrick.com/

The Enchanted Gallery rubber stamps pendant trays online craft store DIY

The new site will take a few months to complete as we move one item at a time over from the old site, while creating new content like a built-in art blog with YouTube videos for art supply reviews, painting, alcohol ink and other crafting tutorials.

Pendant trays open back for resin online craft jewelry supply store DIY
If you have feedback on the new site layout compared to the old one, please let us know!

Over the years we've heard customer feedback about feeling limited to the PayPal only cart system, along with some technical errors for I-Pad, I-phone and Safari browser users. To help with that, we've made the new website mobile friendly with an improved cart system.

Kim has been hard at work on her YouTube channel for art supply reviews and painting videos. If you are interested in specific craft projects, especially from our old tutorials, being turned into videos - please leave a comment on a video to let us know what to create next time.

Kimberly Crick's artwork can now also be found on Instagram @kimberlycrickart  https://www.instagram.com/kimberlycrickart/

Friday, October 02, 2015

The Enchanted Gallery website updates

Just in case anyone is still checking here for updates regarding www.TheEnchantedGallery.com there are loads of new items and many website browsing errors have been fixed.

Problems fixed: The 50+ web pages for individual rubber stamp sets with example art have had all outdated links updated.

Also fixed a shopping cart issue causing anyone who bought stamps to be redirected to a page that said “store doesn’t exist” ...an error that created panic in quite a few people. I'm very sorry about that! :)

Problems NOT fixed: It has come to my attention that many people are seeing old, not updated, versions of my web pages. I get orders for items that were removed from my website weeks ago. This is caused by web browser settings, your "cache" and cookie files, that save the webpage contents you viewed for faster loading on your next visit. This only effects people who have recently visited my website and then later returned weeks later.

In order to make sure you are seeing the most recent content on any website you have visited before, click the reload/refresh page option on your browser.

Every time a new item is added to any page within www.TheEnchantedGallery.com it is also posted on Pinterest. If you follow for updates, or just check https://www.pinterest.com/kimberlycrick/ periodically you can see what new items have been added. When clicking any picture at Pinterest it takes you to the webpage that contains that item. If you don't see the new item, you may be viewing an old page and have to hit your browser's reload/refresh button.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Enchanted Gallery Regularly Updates at Pinterest!

The Enchanted Gallery is now regularly updating all new photographs added within the many pages of www.TheEnchantedGallery.com at one convenient place - PINTEREST!

If you're new to Pinterest, basically it is a picture board website where you can "pin" (post) photos you find around the internet onto easily organizable "boards" (custom categories.) It also allows you to see what new items have been added to a website you want to follow. Since this blog requires a lot more time and effort to make posts about new content, I have decided to put the bulk of my efforts into Pinterest for website updates.

You can follow all of my boards to be notified of everything I update, including all new products, tutorials, photography, artwork and craft project inspiration from my favorite websites. You can also follow/subscribe to specific "boards" (themed folders of images) for just the things you want to see. For example, alcohol ink projects OR jewelry making supplies and pendant trays OR new rubber stamp sheets. Unlike this blog, you can choose to follow only the types of projects that are within your interest, or you can follow them all to see every new product and tutorial as soon as it comes out.

Here's an idea of what the Pinterest website looks like:

I may still periodically post here in the future, but Pinterest will be much more active since it allows me to instantly place an image onto my boards as soon as it is uploaded to my website. For the most current look at what is new at The Enchanted Gallery, I invite you to come visit me at http://www.pinterest.com/kimberlycrick/

Thank you :)

Kimberly Crick

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

New 2014 Alcohol Ink Colors Mariner and Conservatory Sets

I finally got a chance to play around with the newest Adirondack Alcohol Ink colors by Tim Holtz / Ranger Ink. The two new sets each contain 3 bright colors including:

"Mariner" set includes the colors Indigo, Mermaid and Teakwood.

"Conservatory" set includes the colors Honeycomb, Botanical and Poppyfield.

I have tested out each set on a domino game tile and updated the alcohol ink color chart page with all individual colors, and also a guide to how all sets of 3 look together.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Quick and easy faux dichroic glass tutorial using rubber stamps

The "other things to do with domino size rubber stamps" tutorial page has received an update!

View the full free tutorial, step-by-step imitation dichroic glass jewelry tips and tricks here.

Since traditional dichroic glass involves heating glass to fuse it with reflective metallic particles, it is not something you can make easily at home with no special equipment. I've always liked the look of these glass pieces and here's my super simple DIY way to mimic it!

Using Stazon Jet Black ink pad, rubber stamp the back of a glass piece (here I used an insert for pendant trays) you can also use this technique on any transparent flat bead, acetate/film transparency, plastic food container packaging etc. Color over the stamped image with glitter glue or acrylic paints.

A substantial amount of updates have been happening site-wide including tutorials, a new section for game tiles/flat beads to rubber stamp or draw on, many new products in each category including several new designs of blank pendant trays in the jewelry making section. I will work on blog posting about each section's updates soon :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Mini Domino Rubber Stamps, Nature Set, Pendant Trays, Site Update.

Now that the holidays are over I have time to dust off the ol' blog and post some updates :)

Here are some of the things recently added to The Enchanted Gallery.

New scenic rubber stamp set -

Miniature domino size stamp sets for tiny jewelry projects such as earrings and bracelets -

New jewelry making supplies -

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and now that things are calmer I'll try to get all the new tutorials and artwork that I've been working on posted asap!