Friday, September 04, 2009

Stampbord Contest!!!

You can win Stampbord, ink pads, pens, rubber stamps and other cool craft supplies by entering their contest.
Check it out:
Click here for Stampbord Contest Information!!!

It's a great reason to be creative - they are allowing any medium as long as Stampbord is used in its creation. I'll be doing a rubber stamped project for it and show you all once the contest is complete.

Happy Crafting :)

Potential Delays / Health Update

I'm very sorry for the lack of activity here on the blog this summer. I have also been unable to update my website with new products quite as frequently as I have in the past. Some of you may already know that over the past 5 years I've had some major medical problems (cancer/chemo/radiation.) The type of cancer that I had (Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma) has not returned. However, I have had a lot of side effects/damage from the disease and treatments. Some of the scar tissue has caused adhesions (bonding muscles and organs together,) ruined my thyroid (lowered metabolism/energy,) and now I have ulcerations in my colon and a large 2" mass (cyst) in my lower left abdomen.

Currently my doctors are Guinea Pigging me with some prescriptions and pain medications to see if anything improves over the next two months before resorting to surgery. It is likely that surgery will include removing the mass, resection of my colon and possibly more if other organs are effected. For now, because of the pain and medications there have been some days where I am not feeling up to working.

I am trying very hard to keep up with orders within my stated 7 - 14 business day delivery time. There may be bad weeks for me where I'm running a few days later. Once my surgery is scheduled I will post a notice on my website about any longer delays during a specific time frame. Once this all gets sorted out I'll try my best to get back into crafting and creating new products :)