Sunday, June 16, 2013

Media Mixage Bezel Pendant Trays by Spellbinders and Ice Resin by Susan Lenart Kazmer

I was very happy to see the new "Media Mixage" line by Spellbinders that recently came out. The deep pendant trays are perfect for polymer clay, resin and multi-layer collage that uses items such as charms, glitter, gold leaf, photographs and more. I've decided to add some of these new pendant trays to The Enchanted Gallery's jewelry making supplies page.

This and other media mixage projects can be found on the Spellbinders blog-

These trays work wonderfully with "Ice Resin" by Susan Lenart Kazmer. You may also be interested in the Ice Resin mixed media artwork and jewelry projects blog.

I'm happy to see more products on the market that allow me to create unique jewelry easier. I'm excited to start experimenting with these bezels and resin with my polymer clay projects.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Glass Domes for Terrarium Craft Jewelry and Floral Theme Beads

Many new items have been added to the terrarium craft and floral theme section including glass domes:

and a variety of acrylic flower and leaf beads, tree charms and bead caps:

More site update announcements coming shortly :)