Friday, July 29, 2011

Easy How-To Make Glass And Paper Jewelry Using A Bail Or Pendant Blank

I recently added more items to the Jewelry Making Supplies Page

When the new glass shapes and blank pendants arrived I tested out the pendant making process. This is super quick and easy!

Here's a little tutorial on making pendants with paper and glass:

1) Apply a generous layer of clear glue (I used Glossy Accents) to the flat side of your glass piece. Lay it gently down onto your paper artwork (scrapbooking paper, rubber stamp art, prints, drawings etc.) Allow to dry.

2) Cut around the edges of your artwork. Use a file to sand down any areas that are too close to the edge to cut with scissors.

3) Hanging options: You could wrap the edges with copper tape and solder around it. You could seal the back of the paper with your clear glue or spray sealer, then add a pendant bail on it for hanging. Or you could glue it into a pendant blank as I have done here:

I plan on experimenting with soldering jewelry using glass and rubber stamped art soon. I'll post a tutorial as soon as I do :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rubber Stamping On Wood - Charms Pendants & Magnets

It's almost back to school time again! Time has been flying by so fast. Here are some rubber stamped wood charms I have made using Stazon ink and markers. I use a small drill bit in my dremel to make the holes and attach a jump ring for hanging.

Alphabet learning charms using 1" circle shape wood:

Back side:

Tree pendant 1.5":

I will be stocking various wood shapes for jewelry and magnet making soon, but for now you can find these at your local Michaels craft store. The wood shapes are Lara's Crafts brand from The New Image Group.

Heart shape wood with magnet back:

Here I used Lumiere metallic acrylic paint to cover the wood surface. I then rubber stamped my image using Stazon black ink. Apply your choice of sealer, here I have used Glossy Accents (for fridge magnets) but you could use a clear acrylic spray coat, resin or epoxy sealer for jewelry items.

This one is coated with a clear glitter paint as a sealer:

I am working on a TON of new rubber stamp designs and will be blogging about the new releases soon :)