Monday, November 17, 2014

The Enchanted Gallery Regularly Updates at Pinterest!

The Enchanted Gallery is now regularly updating all new photographs added within the many pages of at one convenient place - PINTEREST!

If you're new to Pinterest, basically it is a picture board website where you can "pin" (post) photos you find around the internet onto easily organizable "boards" (custom categories.) It also allows you to see what new items have been added to a website you want to follow. Since this blog requires a lot more time and effort to make posts about new content, I have decided to put the bulk of my efforts into Pinterest for website updates.

You can follow all of my boards to be notified of everything I update, including all new products, tutorials, photography, artwork and craft project inspiration from my favorite websites. You can also follow/subscribe to specific "boards" (themed folders of images) for just the things you want to see. For example, alcohol ink projects OR jewelry making supplies and pendant trays OR new rubber stamp sheets. Unlike this blog, you can choose to follow only the types of projects that are within your interest, or you can follow them all to see every new product and tutorial as soon as it comes out.

Here's an idea of what the Pinterest website looks like:

I may still periodically post here in the future, but Pinterest will be much more active since it allows me to instantly place an image onto my boards as soon as it is uploaded to my website. For the most current look at what is new at The Enchanted Gallery, I invite you to come visit me at

Thank you :)

Kimberly Crick