Saturday, July 28, 2012

Easy to Make Polymer Clay Pendants Using Jewelry Blanks and Perfect Pearls

I have added this quick and easy project to the how to use polymer clay push molds tutorial page :)
Once you have pressed your clay into your mold for an impression, take a blank pendant tray and press it gently down onto your clay to create an outline. Cut out using an x-acto knife/razor blade.
Gently place the clay into your pendant, making sure it fits well. This is a good time to apply a finish such as perfect pearls, a metallic pigment powder that sticks to the raw clay.
Then bake the clay while it sits in your metal pendant. Once it has cooled down, remove the clay from the pendant tray.
Seal with your choice of sealer (Polycrylic clear gloss is my favorite, found in a spray can at most hardware stores near the wood sealers and stains.) Glue it back in place with a strong adhesive rated for plastic to metal adhesion (I use E-6000.)
I have also expanded the colors of Perfect Pearls in stock at The Enchanted Gallery's clay and related supplies page :)
Many small additions have been made around the site and I'll be posting new tutorials asap.