Monday, December 22, 2008

New flexible push molds for polymer clay, paperclay, etc.

Hi all, here's a few molds that have been added today:

They can be found at:
Nature Spirit Molds
Face Molds

ps. A few months ago I got some kittens to keep me company. I have to admit I've always been more of a dog person, but health wise I didn't think I'd be able to keep up with one. These kittens are cute, love to cuddle (for short periods of time before going to amuse themselves elsewhere) and are generally pretty low maintenance :)
Oh no! Kitten pictures!


Anonymous said...

These photos are wonderful

BurningRubber said...

So sweet! I miss my kittens. They grow up so fast. LOL Heres a kitty tip:If you use ATG glue tape, save the paper backing. My cats LOVE it and will play with it for hours, unlike toys I have actually purchased for them.

Michele said...

I love kitties! I have a cat named Jasmine she is very easy to care for. Anyways I really wanted to tell ya that I love your website and especially your art dolls they are really fabulous! I love the mermaids and I love the stamps that make them look so unique! Thanks so much for including the templates and tutorials, I can't wait to play with them this weekend! You have so many wonderful ideas and give great info. Thanks again, Michele

Havtussa said...

Hi :-)
Beautiful work as always, and lovely kittens.
I am also more of a dog person, but last year we got a cat, because they are quite good in taking care of themselves outdoors but also because my son and I wanted a pet.
I am glad to read that the canser is gone :_)
I still have your link on my home web page, have you started to ship overseas?
I would realy love to try out some of your products :-)
Evy-Ann from Norway

Spiritfoxy said...

The kitties are absolutely darling Kimberly! I know when I became very ill (terminal) many years ago, my kitten was absolutely essential in keeping my spirits up, calming my nerves, making me smile... not to mention they DO take a whole lot less care than dogs. And I purchased these two Nature Spirit molds just this month and they are absolutely gorgeous, thank you *smile*