Sunday, May 24, 2009

Scenic highways and nature destination photographs!

Yay! It's summer travel fun time!

I'm a huge fan of scenic highway drives and nature destinations. I take thousands of photographs every year, especially of the Oregon area. While I have them organized in folders on my computer, I find that I rarely look through them. So I've created a section in my website for the highlights of my travel photography. This is mainly for my personal enjoyment, but I'm hoping some of you might like it too :)

I've posted a map showing all of the places I've driven here. These pages are image intensive and I don't recommend it for dial-up users.

If you don't have much time to browse today, I think the Silver Falls state park and Oregon Garden trip is a beautiful place to start here!

I love the mountains, but they can be dangerous to drive through November through April. Now that most scenic highways (that are usually closed in winter) are opening, it's time for more road trips. In the southern part of OR is Crater Lake and in northern CA I'll be stopping at the Redwood Forest in a couple weeks. I'll also be heading off to Yellowstone National Park, WY soon (thank goodness it's only an 8 hour drive from here.) I'll make another blog post when new images are uploaded. Back to crafting until then!

Have a fun summer everyone :)


Michelle said...

I just found your website and blog and I love your rubber stamp designs, just beautiful! Have a wonderful summer!

Michelle :)

Judy Goddard said...

I just found your website and I'm so impressed with the amount of information provided! I had googled clear finishes for nonporous surfaces and it brought me to you! You answered all my questions and if I ever become a starmp artist I'll know where to go for great info!

Modpodge! Who knew?

Judy Goddard said...

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Anonymous said...

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