Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Snow Pine Tree Rubber Stamped Christmas Card with Masking and Sponging Ink Coloring Technique

Here is a Christmas card I made using a rubber stamp from the Tree-125 sheet. This rubber stamp has details in the artwork that I wanted to hide (the ground.) I have cut a piece of paper to work as a "mask" (like a stencil) to cover that area. I cut that paper mask to be randomly jagged so it mimics piles of uneven snow over bumpy terrain. I cut the opposite edge of the paper in scallop shapes to mimic clouds.

First I put the paper I was stamping on down, then the paper mask over the area I wanted to look like snow on the ground, then rubber stamped over it using Memento Black. I made sure that the ground part of the image stamped onto my mask, so when I moved the paper mask all that was left was my rubber stamped image missing the ground area of the artwork. I used a sponge dauber and Memento "London Fog" gray ink pad and gently applied ink in an upward motion over my paper mask. I moved the paper mask to a different spot and repeated the ink application with the sponge.

I prepared background paper for this card using the same paper masking method above and also using a snowflake paper punch as a mask.

I used a Gelly Roll white gel pen to trace along the tops of the trees and make dots all over the image.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! Now that it's over I can get back to being a little less busy and a little more creative :)



talha said...

Its black and white but showing a natural look, like your idea.

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Plastic Card said...

Black and white picture has it's own grace and charm which is clearly visible...........Hank Hendricks

Anonymous said...

Probably the most beautiful card I've ever seen! Hope you don't mind if I give it a try to send to a few friends. Thanks!