Friday, October 02, 2015

The Enchanted Gallery website updates

Just in case anyone is still checking here for updates regarding there are loads of new items and many website browsing errors have been fixed.

Problems fixed: The 50+ web pages for individual rubber stamp sets with example art have had all outdated links updated.

Also fixed a shopping cart issue causing anyone who bought stamps to be redirected to a page that said “store doesn’t exist” error that created panic in quite a few people. I'm very sorry about that! :)

Problems NOT fixed: It has come to my attention that many people are seeing old, not updated, versions of my web pages. I get orders for items that were removed from my website weeks ago. This is caused by web browser settings, your "cache" and cookie files, that save the webpage contents you viewed for faster loading on your next visit. This only effects people who have recently visited my website and then later returned weeks later.

In order to make sure you are seeing the most recent content on any website you have visited before, click the reload/refresh page option on your browser.

Every time a new item is added to any page within it is also posted on Pinterest. If you follow for updates, or just check periodically you can see what new items have been added. When clicking any picture at Pinterest it takes you to the webpage that contains that item. If you don't see the new item, you may be viewing an old page and have to hit your browser's reload/refresh button.

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