Monday, October 27, 2008

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. An all natural gum rubber stamp sheet for green minded crafters.

With the economy at a low point I'm sure a lot more people are thinking about reducing the amount of items they buy, reusing old items and recycling trash for either the planet or for turning into new fun stuff. I plan to make a tutorial page of crafty projects you can make with stuff around the house, like soda bottle caps, soup cans, hard plastic from packaging materials etc.

To get me started in my green crafting I've designed a new earth friendly theme stamp sheet. I'll update with project ideas once the stamps become available in about 3 weeks.

Ps. The holiday sheet (gift-005 with the present fairy a couple posts back) became available on my website today.


Carol said...

O, I like this idea. I am always keeping bits of stuff thinking I can do something crafty with it. Tell me how to stamp it, bead it or crochet with it and I'm happy. Recycle Baby!

Anonymous said...

hello my name is Casey & i love this idea im thinking about purchasing some of your stamp sheets. but 1 question!? how are you drilling those small holes for your wire to be put trough your dominoes? & if you have a second plz. tell me... email me at

or post the answer on here & maybe i can find my way back=0)