Saturday, November 15, 2008

KrystalKraft Clear Acrylic Pieces & New Domino Rubber Stamps

New product! With my most popular item being domino size rubber stamp sheets, I've decided to put out another one sooner than anticipated - #Bold-121 which will become available for sale in about 1 - 2 weeks (along with the recycling theme mini sheet I previewed in my last post.) I'll update again when they are posted with example art.

I've also been asked what else you can use the domino stamps on. I will be making a special page for the "everything but dominoes" tutorial including stamping on clay for pendants or mosaic tiles, UTEE (embossing powder) jewelry, using the stamps on paper for card panels, stampbord and acrylic pieces.

There has been a product I've always liked to use these stamps with, but found that since not very many stores carry them they are not well known. That's "KrystalKraft" clear acrylic pieces with one side that is pre-treated to accept a variety of inks & coloring media. It looks like frosted glass, but once it is inked/stamped/marker
colored/glittered/glued on etc. it becomes clear. Unlike regular acrylic, plastic or acetate products, KrystalKraft's treated surface is not slippery, making it easy to stamp or paint on for beginners. With a thickness of about 1/8" you can enjoy a glass-like appearance without the fragility!

I am now selling select styles of these acrylic charms, pendants, pin and mini journal kits on my website. If they do well I will be expanding the amounts of shapes I offer. You can check out the new product and tutorial page here: KrystalKraft Clear Acrylic Pieces to Rubber Stamp On!

Also, I have this terrible habit of writing my ideas for new projects and tutorials down on whatever scraps of paper I have laying on my desk. Finally, the pile became unbearable and I went through all my notes and copied them neatly onto one sheet. What I ended up with was a list of over 100 things I need to do, including plans for new stamp designs and at least 7 new tutorial pages for my website. It will take some time to get there, but I swear I'll get them all done!



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Oh I love it! Can't wait for it come out!

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