Thursday, November 27, 2008

Need a gift in a hurry? Domino pendants in 3 minutes or less! + Cleaning tip for StazOn ink

I don't waste money on fancy cleaners. I don't like to waste a lot of time cleaning my stamps either. Instead I just keep a bottle of alcohol (regular medical rubbing alcohol, isopropyl) and a paper towel on my craft desk. Just dump a little alcohol on your paper towel and gently wipe off the StazOn ink from your stamps.

Two rubber stamp sheets (recycling and last domino pendant preview) are now available on the rubber stampspage. I've also added this super quick coloring method using StazOn ink pads on the domino jewelry instructions page.

Pick out a light ink pad color and stamp your background pattern. Optionally, before or instead of background stamping, you can colorize the domino surface by randomly dabbing on the StazOn ink. Use a q-tip dipped in alcohol to lighten the ink and rub it into the surface. This ink is usually dry enough to move onto the next step within a minute.

Stamp your main image with a darker ink over your colored background.

Optionally you can keep going and add additional accents like stamped patterned edges (used brilliance gold pigment ink here) or use a sharpie marker to color the edges, add glitter etc. Then glue on a pendant bail or dill your hole.

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