Sunday, February 17, 2013

Miniature Domino Game Tiles and Drilling Options

I have gotten a lot of questions about drilling options for domino jewelry, and also if I carry miniature dominoes and rubber stamps. I'm happy to announce that I have started carrying miniature domino sets and have plans to make coordinating mini rubber stamps very soon. The new rubber stamp sets will be sized for these 16mm x 30mm mini dominoes. This size is also great for stamping on beads, earrings, small polymer clay charms etc. Miniature domino size varies based on the manufacturer, I have seen them as small as 1/2" x 1" (about 12 x 25mm.) I have decided on 16mm x 30mm (a few mm larger than some other manufacturers) so that the new rubber stamps should always cover the entire surface of the mini domino instead of potentially being too small. There should be minimal image loss from cropping if you still decide to use smaller dominoes from another manufacturer.

These mini domino game pieces are made from the same quality white resin as the full size tiles without the dipped surface impression for the color dots. The glazed-on color can be lightly sanded if desired to create a flat, ready to decorate surface on both sides. They are small and light weight enough to be used for earrings and bracelets.

I use a handheld Dremel tool for drilling holes in my domino art. Some of the tutorial covered drilling holes through your domino and using wire, but another way to hang a domino is by using screw eyes placed into a pilot hole. This way you can use a jump ring to hang it from your cord, ball chain or earring components. Full instructions have been added to the bottom of the domino tutorial page.

Until the new mini rubber stamp designs arrive, I've been playing with the standard 1" x 2" rubber stamps. Here's an example of using one of the standard size domino stamps to create a pendant, then again using part of the image on the miniature dominoes for matching earrings.

I am also working on new plain shape clay molds, posting metal alphabet stamps and rub'n'buff paints for the polymer clay page. It should not be much longer for a rubber stamping in polymer clay tutorial as well :)


Cindy Is Crafty said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I also drill rummikub pieces which tend to melt a bit more. I found bits for drilling those plastic pipes and slowed down my drill which helps with the melting.

Kimberly Crick said...

Thank you for reminding me, I had forgotten to mention drill settings. I had the same experience with burning a domino. I had the drill on max speed and left a black scorch mark of melted plastic. Now I keep my dremel on half speed (5 of 10) :)

Barbara Joy said...

Can you please tell me (specifics, please as some don't work) what kind of bit to buy for the Dremel for dominoes? Steel? Diamond tip? etc?
And size please (specific again) that will be very helpful, and thank YOU! x0x0

Kimberly Crick said...

I purchased a regular tiny drill bit set for dremel. I have not used any special diamond tip ones, but most drill bits are made of steel and I've found other brands steel drill bits work just as well. The Dremel set is called "Precision Drill set #628" and includes sizes 1/32", 3/64", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32",
7/64" and 1/8". I've seen them at Home Depot and A picture of this set is also shown at the bottom of the domino tutorial page at

Marsha Scarbrough said...

Can you tell me how to secure the domino while drilling?

Kimberly Crick said...

I secure my domino by placing it over a piece of scrap wood or layers of cardboard that you don't mind getting drill holes in. You can either hand hold the domino wearing protective gloves, or get a C clamp from your local hardware store. I usually do this before I decorate, as the c-clamp usually has a circular metal surface that can scratch inks off your domino if you did it afterwards.

Dilesha Chandima said...

wish you a happy 2014!