Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mermaid Card - Rubber Stamping with Stickles Glitter Glue & Transparency Film

I've been meaning to test out stamping on acetate / clear plastic sheets / transparency film for a long time. I once saw a project that had colored the stamp art with glitter by coating the surface with a thick clear glue (like diamond glaze) and then dumping on the loose glitter.

I think I put off the experiment for a while because I hate to get messy. I decided to try using Stickles glitter glues instead. There is pretty good glitter density in these glues. If you don't get as much as you'd like onto the clear plastic sheet, you could always allow your project to dry and then do a double coat (I didn't.)

This card used: Basic Grey "Granola" scrapbook paper pad, StazOn inks (blue, purple, black), Stickles glitter glue and acetate. The mermaid was stamped on acetate (aka projector transparency film or clear plastic sheets) with black Stazon on the front side. I flipped the clear sheet over, sponged purple Stazon around the edges and colored the image with Stickles glitter glue.

Allow glitter glue to dry over night, then flip back over to enjoy the protected glitter shining through the plastic sheet. Any thick clear drying glue can be used to secure it to paper, or hole punch to secure with eyelets.

Note: Stamping on plastic takes practice and a firm hand. Care must be taken to avoid smearing ink on such a slippery surface.

I messed up a couple times... I use my stamps unmounted, which may have added to my initial difficulty of making a firm up and down motion when inking the plastic though. Still, I think clear plastic stamping may not be a project for beginner stampers.

The results are beautiful, and with practice I can see a lot of potential in this method. Especially because you have unlimited options for backgrounds. Depending on how much you color it in, you can use your cardstock or patterned papers to change the appearance of the art.


Rachel said...

I've been wanting to try glitter on acetate for a while, but didn't want to get all messy. Stickles is a brilliant idea, thank you.

I also use my stamps unmounted. I other put them on a clear block temporarily or leave them on the table and lay the paper (or acetate) on top of them to stamp. Hope that helps.

Thank you again for the inspiration.

Amitchell said...

That came out great! I so want to try that. If you are looking for other glues to experiment with come over to the UHU Glue blog, www.GlueWithUHU.com. Keep on creating.


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